Sportsmanship scoring guidance for captains

Dear SWSA captains,

You may have noticed that starting this season we have reformatted our sportsmanship score
system. The new system looks like this:

-3    -2    -1    0    1   2    3

Unsporting   -   Normal  -   Sporting

So we would like to take a moment to discuss how this system works and to clarify our
expectations of how teams should use it to record sportsmanship.

A normal game in the new system is marked with a 0. This is a game in which the other team
showed up and played. They didnâ??t go out of their way to be friendly, they didnâ??t purposefully
foul anyone, or excessively abuse other players or the ref.

TO BE CLEAR: This is soccer, and soccer is a contact sport. People will run into each other.

People will get upset at the ref. There will be inadvertent fouls, disagreements, and bad calls.
These are normal parts of the game and DO NOT LOWER a teamâ??s score beyond zero.
A teamâ??s score will drop from excessive fouling, or fouling on purpose. A teamâ??s score can drop
from excessive arguing with the ref. Insults should drop a teamâ??s score. Bad attitudes towards
the game and the other team can drop a teamâ??s score. Someone inadvertently running into you,
a couple of fouls, and complaining to the ref within reason about a perceived blown offsides call
should not drop a teamâ??s score.

Teams that are friendly and go out of their way to make sure that both sides have a good fun
game should be marked up for their sporting behaviour. This does not mean that there were no
complaints or fouls. This means that they were handled fairly, without animosity or invectives.
In order to be eligible for a good sportsmanship award at the end of the season, a team needs
to have recorded at least 75% of their captainâ??s reports, each filed within a week of when the
game ended. Further, they must themselves be reporting scores in a consistent and fair manner
in order to be eligible.

Thank you. We hope that this new system will eliminate some of the confusion that our previous
sportsmanship system could occasionally engender.

Letâ??s all have fun and be safe out there.


Your SWSA Board

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